Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bullying a Worldwide Phenomena

                                              Bullying a Worldwide Phenomena
Sitting on the bench peacefully, he was having lunch until another student started teasing him. He didn’t react and continued eating. The next day, also at recess the same kid was sitting on the same bench alone. The student came to him and started to verbally bully that kid. The still kid showed no reaction, and kept the anger and the sadness locked inside him. He was scared to reply to the student because he thought he was weak compared to that student. As days have passed and still that kid showed no reaction to the words and names they were calling him; then the verbal bullying turned into physical bullying. That kid became low self-esteemed and suffered from severe depression moods that reflected in a bad way in his daily life. This kid was me 5 years ago, but later on I found the best solution to stop being bullied.
     The problem that I found not just in me, but in most people who are being bullied is that they think that they are weak compared to the bully. This is one issue that the bullied person must remove from his mind. Every person has the exact same ability as the other, but training, practicing, and focusing on a main ability trying to improve it makes the advantages or differences between people. In order to move on and achieve the best result, you must have the will, the will to overcome your fear and say stop to bullying. Another problem is that we keep our feelings locked or held within us, and we don’t tell anyone that we were bullied because we this it is something to be ashamed off. Keeping our emotions held inside of us makes the bullied person enter a depression mood. Depression is one effect of bullying along with insomnia, low self-esteem, anxiety, and physical health issues.
     One way to overcome bullying is to tell! Telling people will help you to reveal the feelings inside you, and those people will stand beside you and find ways to help you to overcome bullying. Whether telling your teachers, parents, or even both; this won’t matter because both of them will help you. This solution helped me to overcome bullying. There are copious number of bullying in the word and there are blatant solution and answers to conquer bulling. The best solution to stop bullying in the world is as follows, whenever you see someone is being bullied you must rush and help him. You could help him by talking to the bully or even by using your hands.
      According to a study by Yale University, 7 to 9% victims of bulling consider suicide. One of the main reasons that leads youth to suicide in Britain is bulling. Another study by ABC News states that fear of being bullied made 30,000 children to stay home. The author Lynette Mather says: “What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?” Bullying became a worldwide phenomenon that we must work together to defeat. We must also help people who are being bullied to overcome bullying.


Monday, 9 March 2015

discussion platform


      Hi all :))) I want to start a discussion about a situation that I faced today. The situation is that I was underestimated by my colleagues more than once. Have you ever been underestimated by someone and how did you react and faced this situation? I am waiting for your reply and comments. 

And always remember what Lain Duncan Smith said:

          "Do not underestimate the determination of a quiet man."

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Think in a different way


            Why should you start thinking in a different way?

     Most students are just studying because they are obligated to study whether by either parents or teachers. The normal cycle is that you study to get a good mark, but have you ever studied for another goal. Did study felt real, necessary, and satisfying to you at a particular time? Well, eventually as time passes by and we grow up our way at looking towards stuff differs. Just as my way towards studying have changed.

     At first I used to study to get good grades in order to satisfy my parents, but know everything have changed. As grade eleven started my idea about studying started to change. There are many factors that changed my look upon studying. One factor is that grade eleven is more challenging and tougher than grade before it. And in order to succeed in this year you should change a lot of things, even the way you are studying. To change it you needed a motive or a goal that you dream of achieving. For me I have both, I have a goal to follow and a motive that keeps on motivating me. And this was the most important factor that changed my way towards studding.

     My goal is something to be achieved years from now after finishing my school and university. It is to have a pleasant life in which I could do whatever that satisfies me. At the same time this is my motivation. There is a time where I feel that studying is satisfying, and this is when I try to do my best to learn a new language. I always feel this feeling towards acknowledging new languages. I also find studying necessary as well as satisfying when it comes to cultures. This happens particularly when I travel. I feel happy and satisfied when I study that country’s culture.

     In order to continue and enjoy life you must change or even get rid of some stuff, and one thing is studying. To not feel that studying is exhausting we must set a goal, this goal will help us a lot in our life. This is not only for studying but also it can be for anything other than it. Try to open your mind and look at everything from a different angle, look at the positive and negative effects of that thing; and you will surely enjoy what you are doing.  

Tuesday, 3 March 2015



Friend! Who is a friend? If we were to interpret the word friendship, we will get: fun, reliable, interesting, energetic, noble, distance, secrets, happiness, inspiration, and perfect. A friend should have all these characteristics: he is simply someone special. We all have been good friends, but many times did you do something good for your friend that will only benefit him.
A best friend is even better than a good friend. Your best friend is the person who cheers you up when you are sad, and who you enjoy being with. He is also loyal to you not only in front of you but also in your back. That is why you should always be a good friend and do what you see is better for your best friend; as well as, you should do what helps him.
On January 5, it was the day where I took the role of helping my friend. I helped my friend and saved him from something that he will regret later on. When I was walking in the school’s hall way, I saw my best friend talking with a student that we rarely talk to. This student’s reputation was known to be bad. This incident made me suspicious. Later that day, we where in class and my seat was between this student and my best friend. The student gave me a paper to pass it to my friend, noting me not open it. Because I was suspicious I opened the paper to find a list of cigarette pack’s names the student was advising my friend to get and try. At this moment, I turned to my best friend and I started lecturing him.  Full of energy and adrenaline, I started shouting on him and questioning him. And because what I did, my best friend didn't smoke. Today if you look at my friend you will see a well built and healthy person.

     Sometimes there is no boundaries in a friendship and that is an important thing in being or having a best friend. For me I find a best friend is a person who helps you and backups you whether you are with him or not. A best friend is simply a person that time flees when you are with him.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Poe's timeline

                                                 Edgar Allen Poe's Timeline

Edgar Allen Poe's life was full of mystery and misery. To know more about it you could check the timeline that did about his life. Thanks to this assignment given by our teacher, I was introduced to a new technique that will help me later on. I will be waiting for your comments :)

For more information about his timeline check: (I got my information from this site as well)

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Masque of the Red Death

The masque of the red death is a short story written by Edger Allen Poe. The story is a about Prince who tries to avoid a dangerous plague known as the Red Death by hiding in his abbey. One of the most things I liked in this short story is the color resemblance of each single room from the 7 rooms located in his abbey. I also was amazed by the way the rooms were located from east to west and that this order is said to be like this because the sun rises from the east, symbolizing birth, and the sunsets from the west, symbolizing death. The first room's color is blue this color suggests the "unknown" from which a human being comes into the world. The second color is purple which resembles the beginnings of growth. Followed by green colored room which shows youth, next room is orange that represents the summer and autumn of life. The white room follows and shows aging (white hair), next comes the violet room which represents both darkness and death. Finally the seventh door which is located farthest to the west resembles death. In this story the way that Edger Allen Poe used allegory is brilliant, the way how everything is extended into real life. I advise you to read this amazing short story written by Edger Allen Poe, and give me your reflection on this short story in the comments section.


For more information you could check the following websites:

To read the short story go this link:

The room's color resemblance are taken from :


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