Tuesday, 3 March 2015



Friend! Who is a friend? If we were to interpret the word friendship, we will get: fun, reliable, interesting, energetic, noble, distance, secrets, happiness, inspiration, and perfect. A friend should have all these characteristics: he is simply someone special. We all have been good friends, but many times did you do something good for your friend that will only benefit him.
A best friend is even better than a good friend. Your best friend is the person who cheers you up when you are sad, and who you enjoy being with. He is also loyal to you not only in front of you but also in your back. That is why you should always be a good friend and do what you see is better for your best friend; as well as, you should do what helps him.
On January 5, it was the day where I took the role of helping my friend. I helped my friend and saved him from something that he will regret later on. When I was walking in the school’s hall way, I saw my best friend talking with a student that we rarely talk to. This student’s reputation was known to be bad. This incident made me suspicious. Later that day, we where in class and my seat was between this student and my best friend. The student gave me a paper to pass it to my friend, noting me not open it. Because I was suspicious I opened the paper to find a list of cigarette pack’s names the student was advising my friend to get and try. At this moment, I turned to my best friend and I started lecturing him.  Full of energy and adrenaline, I started shouting on him and questioning him. And because what I did, my best friend didn't smoke. Today if you look at my friend you will see a well built and healthy person.

     Sometimes there is no boundaries in a friendship and that is an important thing in being or having a best friend. For me I find a best friend is a person who helps you and backups you whether you are with him or not. A best friend is simply a person that time flees when you are with him.

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