Saturday, 7 March 2015

Think in a different way


            Why should you start thinking in a different way?

     Most students are just studying because they are obligated to study whether by either parents or teachers. The normal cycle is that you study to get a good mark, but have you ever studied for another goal. Did study felt real, necessary, and satisfying to you at a particular time? Well, eventually as time passes by and we grow up our way at looking towards stuff differs. Just as my way towards studying have changed.

     At first I used to study to get good grades in order to satisfy my parents, but know everything have changed. As grade eleven started my idea about studying started to change. There are many factors that changed my look upon studying. One factor is that grade eleven is more challenging and tougher than grade before it. And in order to succeed in this year you should change a lot of things, even the way you are studying. To change it you needed a motive or a goal that you dream of achieving. For me I have both, I have a goal to follow and a motive that keeps on motivating me. And this was the most important factor that changed my way towards studding.

     My goal is something to be achieved years from now after finishing my school and university. It is to have a pleasant life in which I could do whatever that satisfies me. At the same time this is my motivation. There is a time where I feel that studying is satisfying, and this is when I try to do my best to learn a new language. I always feel this feeling towards acknowledging new languages. I also find studying necessary as well as satisfying when it comes to cultures. This happens particularly when I travel. I feel happy and satisfied when I study that country’s culture.

     In order to continue and enjoy life you must change or even get rid of some stuff, and one thing is studying. To not feel that studying is exhausting we must set a goal, this goal will help us a lot in our life. This is not only for studying but also it can be for anything other than it. Try to open your mind and look at everything from a different angle, look at the positive and negative effects of that thing; and you will surely enjoy what you are doing.  

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