Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Bullying a Worldwide Phenomena

                                              Bullying a Worldwide Phenomena
Sitting on the bench peacefully, he was having lunch until another student started teasing him. He didn’t react and continued eating. The next day, also at recess the same kid was sitting on the same bench alone. The student came to him and started to verbally bully that kid. The still kid showed no reaction, and kept the anger and the sadness locked inside him. He was scared to reply to the student because he thought he was weak compared to that student. As days have passed and still that kid showed no reaction to the words and names they were calling him; then the verbal bullying turned into physical bullying. That kid became low self-esteemed and suffered from severe depression moods that reflected in a bad way in his daily life. This kid was me 5 years ago, but later on I found the best solution to stop being bullied.
     The problem that I found not just in me, but in most people who are being bullied is that they think that they are weak compared to the bully. This is one issue that the bullied person must remove from his mind. Every person has the exact same ability as the other, but training, practicing, and focusing on a main ability trying to improve it makes the advantages or differences between people. In order to move on and achieve the best result, you must have the will, the will to overcome your fear and say stop to bullying. Another problem is that we keep our feelings locked or held within us, and we don’t tell anyone that we were bullied because we this it is something to be ashamed off. Keeping our emotions held inside of us makes the bullied person enter a depression mood. Depression is one effect of bullying along with insomnia, low self-esteem, anxiety, and physical health issues.
     One way to overcome bullying is to tell! Telling people will help you to reveal the feelings inside you, and those people will stand beside you and find ways to help you to overcome bullying. Whether telling your teachers, parents, or even both; this won’t matter because both of them will help you. This solution helped me to overcome bullying. There are copious number of bullying in the word and there are blatant solution and answers to conquer bulling. The best solution to stop bullying in the world is as follows, whenever you see someone is being bullied you must rush and help him. You could help him by talking to the bully or even by using your hands.
      According to a study by Yale University, 7 to 9% victims of bulling consider suicide. One of the main reasons that leads youth to suicide in Britain is bulling. Another study by ABC News states that fear of being bullied made 30,000 children to stay home. The author Lynette Mather says: “What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?” Bullying became a worldwide phenomenon that we must work together to defeat. We must also help people who are being bullied to overcome bullying.


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